Pillow Top Mattress

What Is A Pillow Top Mattress

It is most likely that you have come across the term pillow top if you have ever been in the market to search for a mattress. What is a pillow top mattress? A pillow top is a plush top surface embroidered onto a mattress to enhance support and comfort. Pillow top mattresses are similar to other mattresses only that they have the extra top cushioning layer added on the top surface. The pillow top provides a cloud feel to the mattress surface. Mostly, the pillow top mattresses are used in luxurious hotels while some people use them in homes as well. Here is an exclusive look what is a pillow top mattress.


Pillow top mattresses are constructed with ultimate care to ensure that they are soft. The top upper layer is permanently stitched to the mattress for high-level comfortability. The fact that the layer is not stitched to the end makes it visible. The layer is about the height of twenty-eight to thirty-five in thickness. Pillow top mattresses are well constructed to give an amazing, glorious and luxurious look.

The pillow top mattress comes in two different sections including the support and pillow top section. The support section supports the two-tier mattress. It is stitched on top of the mattress to keep ready for any type of form at the top which suits will suit you best to act as the pillow top. The support section consists of various forms including foam, spring system, cage or suspension springs. The support section is mostly found in the one-sided mattress. The top layer located on the support section is the pillow top section. The section is constructed using polyester, cotton and latex materials but not memory foam. These materials ensure you get ultimate comfortability.

Pillow top mattresses have some pros over other types of mattresses.  Apart from being relatively affordable, they offer you maximum comfortability making them worth the value of your money. However, you should expect to pay more than for a non-pillow top mattress. Secondly, pillow top mattresses are effective in relieving pains and aches. Side sleepers suffering from shoulder and hip pressure points will get to benefit from these types of mattresses. Also, in comparison with foam mattresses, pillow-top mattresses are less likely to produce harmful chemicals. Most foam mattresses are unpopular for off-gassing.

Some people are wondering how long these pillow top mattresses can be good. Well, this depends on the manufacturing company. Basically, pillow top mattresses are good to use for about eight to ten years. However, everything comes with a price, and you will have to replace the whole set of your pillow-top mattress after about ten years. Otherwise, you will start experiencing neck and back problems. You may also opt to change the pillow top of your mattress as it compresses sooner in years. This is as compared to the support system which remains in good form for a longer time than you would expect.

Another frequently asked question by customers is whether pillow top mattresses can be flipped over.  There are two major types of mattresses. One of the mattress types comes with a single layer with a soft cushion layer on the top. These can be flipped over. For pillow top mattresses, there is no possibility of flipping over the pillowed top. Its lifespan cannot be extended by turning it upside down.

How do you clean a pillow top mattress? The fact that the pillow top is attached to the mattress and you cannot take the layer of for washing makes it seem like a difficult job to clean it. However, you should worry not as there are many available sprays in the market for these pillows top mattress that help in cleaning by spraying and sponging them lightly. Regular cleaning is not necessary as the stand is made of durable material with a top cover. However, you want to keep it very clean; you can wash and change the sheets regularly to keep it free from all types of germs.

Size and Thickness

size of pillow top mattress

When you go out to shop for a pillow top mattress, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. One of them is the size of the mattress that fits perfectly on your bed.  Additionally, the thickness of the mattress matters especially when you have back problems. The firmness will be adjusted according to the needs of your body; hence you need to buy one that is ideal for you. If you think pillow top mattresses are so expensive for you, you can alternatively buy a topper for setting on your normal bed.

Though the pillow top mattresses are the best, they come with some drawbacks along the way. One of the main problems is that pillow top mattresses are very expensive. Even after you pay a lot of money for it, they don’t have a long lifespan as you are expecting. More so, they cannot be overturned as they are one-sided; hence you cannot use the other side. These types of mattresses are not efficient for heavier people. Heavier people are looking to get pain relief to need to research other mattress types as this one may not be effective. For people who are lighter, shapely and have basic pains and inches, they will enjoy the real benefits of a pillow top mattress.  If you see the top layer starting to get worn out, or so much compressed it is time to get a new mattress.

In conclusion

You are now aware of everything that you need to know about the pillow top mattress. When you go out to shop for a mattress, you are ready to buy a pillow top mattress. You will enjoy a good mattress that keeps your body healthy without any body aches. If the top layer becomes worn off, you can easily replace the top layer for a lesser amount of money. Alternatively, if you are looking for a mattress that will save you a good amount of money, be sure that you won’t enjoy all the benefits provided by a pillow top mattress.  Ensure that you clean your bed every morning to keep your pillow top mattress in good shape for many years.

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